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Library Ladder

A library ladder may come in one of several forms, all with the same purpose.

If you have a large collection of books and bookshelves, you may want to consider getting a library ladder.  This piece of hardware adds visual flair and style to any room.  They are attractive, as well as extremely functional.  If you find your shelves growing too tall for you to comfortably access, then library ladders are an absolute must.  In most cases, as a library shelf ladder is more of a luxury than a necessity, the type of ladder you purchase comes down to your individual taste.

Finding a library ladder to match your current bookshelves can be difficult.  The wood almost never matches properly, and finding one that does can take a very long time.  You might consider purchasing one of these ladders together with a new bookshelf.  That way you know the ladder fits, works properly with the shelf, and also that the colors and styles will match perfectly.  Style is of key importance, as it will dictate the overall visual appeal of your new bookshelf set up.

From there, your decision making will switch to what sort of library ladder system you would like to purchase.  Buying an antique library ladder will give your home library much more visual flair, but will also be more expensive.  An antique ladder is more about creating a focal point for your room.  You should consult with antiques dealers in your area to find out what sort of library ladders are available.  You’ll also find a wide variety of antique library ladders online, but as you can’t match colors and wood styles as accurately on the computer, you may want to stick with those you’ve actually seen.

Modern library ladders don’t have the same style, but will likely be more durable and could have more longevity.  A newer unit, that isn’t as much about visual flair, will also be much cheaper than an antique ladder.  Most of the newer models also have the ability to be pulled out for use, or tucked tightly against the bookcase when not in use.  There are even collapsible library ladders that practically disappear entirely when not in use.

Another advantage of the newer library bookcase ladders is that companies like Putnam Rolling Ladder Co. offer custom ladders designed specifically for your bookshelf and home arrangement.  Although they can be pricey, you can find a collapsible ladder that’s custom made to match your bookshelf and room.

Essentially, the major difference in a newer or antique library ladder is simply price.  You’ll look at paying around $200 and up, for an antique ladder no matter the size.  A more practical, newer ladder is on more of a sliding scale, where price is determined by the size and type of ladder you need.  But in most cases you’ll find the newer ladders to be far cheaper than their antique counterparts.

A library ladder is all about taste, so really the major decision you have to make is whether you want a stylish addition to your home – or whether you want a practical ladder to make the use of your bookcase easier.

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