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Wall Book Shelves

Wall book shelves come in wood, in addition to glass and metal.

Wall book shelves are a great and attractive way to control the amount of books that you keep in your personal collection.  Bookshelves come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and it will be up to you to figure out what suits your home best.  The first thing you should do, in preparation of your new bookshelves, is measure the empty spaces available in your room.  This way you can plan out what sort of shelves will comfortably fit in the room.

Now you’ll have a rough idea of what size of wall bookshelves you‘re looking for.  From here you can consider style.  There are many various styles of bookshelves, from wooden, to engineered wood, as well as glass and metal structures.  You’ll find that wooden shelves tend to be the most widely available, but you should consider the differences between the styles before choosing which works best for you.

Wooden shelves are pretty durable, and when made from a hard wood, and very scratch and damage resistant.  Softer woods require quite a bit of upkeep, and the shelves can bow slightly over time, from storing heavy books.  Engineered wood book shelves are made to give the appearance of real wood shelves, but they aren’t as sturdy.  You’ll find engineered woods like particleboard and plywood are much cheaper, but also aren’t as durable or pleasing to the eye as real hardwoods.

With engineered wood, wall book shelves tend to require you to put the shelves together yourself.  Oftentimes these will come in one relatively small box, and inside will be all the shelves and screws needed to assemble them.  Because this assembly process doesn’t always have the best result, the bookshelf can be less sturdy than one bought from a furniture store.  You’ll save money, but may sacrifice quality at the same time.

Glass bookshelves are very heavy, and require quite a bit of upkeep.  On the plus side they’ll give your home a more stylish new age feel, on the down side the shelves can’t be reassembled, and are rather fragile.   Glass shelves tend to be very expensive as well.  However, metal book shelves don’t offer as wide a range of style, but their effectiveness is unrivaled.  No shelf type is more durable, or will stand the test of time with fewer problems.  The higher quality metal shelves can run fairly expensive, but overall metal shelves are relatively cheap.

When you are looking to purchase any wall mounted book shelves, there are a variety of places to look.  Wall book shelves are frequently found online for sale, but the problem is that you don’t get a real feel for the shelves.  But if you do plan on ordering online, make sure that the measurements match up with the ones you’ve taken, to make sure the shelf fits.  Sites like and even have a wide variety, but most tend to be metal or engineered wood.

For more stylish hardwoods and glass bookshelves, you’ll have to turn to a furniture store like IKEA or Pier 1 Imports.  Although you can find the occasional real hardwood shelf at a discount department store like Target, these items can be few and far between.  Wall book shelves are easy to find, but the trick is finding the right one for you.

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